For information concerning the different concentrations, please go to
Admission process (procédures d’admission)
Application process-Procédures d’admission 2020-21


Online payment instructions for BNC & Desjardins users
(Instructions de paiement en ligne pour usagers BNC & Desjardins)
Online Payment process for BNC users
Online Payment process for Desjardins users
Processus paiement internet pour usagés BNC
Processus paiement internet pour usagés Desjardins


Parent’s Handbook 2020-21
Parent Handbook 2020-21

Application forms for the concentration programs.

Deadline to apply: December 13, 2019
For new Students:

English version
Version française
For current Concentration students or interested regular Galt Students:


Sports Concentration
Please note that the sport selection process is now done on line.
See application form on page 2 for link.
Current students-Sports concentration application form 2020-21


Hunting & Fishing Concentration
Current Students-Hunting & Fishing concentration application form 2020-21


Visual Arts Concentration
Current students-Visual arts concentration application form 2020-21


Science Concentration
Current students-Science concentration application form 2020-21


Performing Arts
Current students-Performing Arts application form 2020-21
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