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Registration for 2023-2024
Galt 2
You can be a Piper too!
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Welcome to Alexander Galt Regional High School



Sept. 25-29 – Graduation Photos

Sept. 29 – Attestation of Attendance Day

October 2 – Vaccination Day (Level 3)

October 5 – Spirit Day

October 9 – Thanksgiving

October 12 – 1st Communication available on Parent Portal

October 13 – PLANNING DAY

October 19 – Open House/Meet the Teacher


**Should you need to come to the school in person, please contact the school at 819-563-0770 in advance to schedule an appointment.

LOCKS and gym clothes may be purchased at school in central office.


Applications are processed annually for all students (returning or new)
Deadline: December 20, 2022

“Please note that any applications received after the December 20th deadline may be subject to waiting lists pending program availability.”

To fill in the application you need a Google account:
-No Google account? use your ETSB student’s account.

-Not currently enrolled at the ETSB and/or no google account?
contact Drew Pollock at  

Concentration application:

Parent Handbook – Concentrations 2023-2024


Are you considering sending your child to Galt next year? Do you have questions about Concentrations, Modified Programs, the Workforce Pathway, Clubs, Activities, or Athletics? Would you like to click through a Virtual Tour of the School and maybe win some Piper Gear? Well, all that and more can be found on our Open House Website linked below. Take a look and let us know what you think, we can’t wait to see you next year. 

Alexander Galt Virtual Open House

Upcoming Changes to Road Signage, Speed Limits, and Campus Circulation: Please be reminded that in the interest of safety for all entering and exiting our campus, the Ministry of Transport has been making changes to the signage and regulations applicable to the highway in front of the school. Notably, the speed limit will be 50km/hr in front of the campus, but 90km/hr on either side of the reduced speed zone. Entering the campus from the upper gate is now prohibited. Please be vigilant of the new signage in order to avoid a ticket. A number of these changes have already been put into place and we expect the remainder to be in place shortly. Please be aware that the reduced speed limit is only applicable between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. throughout the school year – thus, if entering or exiting the campus outside of these times, please be aware that the speed of traffic will be significantly higher, thus consider this in your judgements. Also, please be advised that there will be changes to traffic circulation on campus for the upcoming school year. Details will be provided once confirmed.


Delays of less than 10 minutes will NOT be posted. Students should always be at their stop AT LEAST 10 minutes before they expect the bus as estimated bus arrival times could fluctuate (incident on bus, construction, weather or road conditions, absent students make the bus arrive sooner etc.)

If your child’s bus does not arrive on time, please use this link to view bus delays http://www.etsb.qc.ca/bus-delays/

Please note that only delays of 20 minutes or more will be posted.

Temporary bus passes are not permitted for this current school year 2022-2023. This includes temporary changes to a student’s stop on the same route. All students must get on and off their assigned bus at their assigned stops.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please notify the appropriate House Office to justify your child’s absence. To do so, please call 819-563-0770 and one of the following extensions to leave a message:

YELLOW HOUSE-CYCLE 1: ext. 22092

BLUE HOUSE-CYCLE 2: ext. 22093

MAPS/WOTP: ext. 22007