How to Register

Frequently asked questions regarding registration:


Whom should I contact?

Guidance Counselor
Tel: 819.563.0770 


Ms Anna St-Hilaire
Tel: 819-563-0770 ext. 22057

What documents are required?

  •  Your child’s birth certificate (long version), with the names of both parents.
    If you don’t have one at the time of registration, you will need to order one.
  • If your child was born outside of Québec, you must contact the provincial authorities
    of the province your child was born in.
  • If the documents are not in English or French, official translations must be provided.
  • A Certificate of Eligibility to English School. If you don’t have one for your child, you
    must apply for one at the time of registration. In order to qualify for one; you must meet
    certain eligibility criteria under the Charter of the French Language as set out by the Quebec

What if my child is an international student?