Anti-Bullying & Anti-Violence

At Alexander Galt Regional High School we come together in order to live in a safe and secure environment for all. At Galt, the ‘right to speak out’ rules. Anyone who finds himself or herself in a situation involving violence or bullying can talk to an adult in confidence. We are committed to fast action so that the situation is quickly resolved. Anyone who sees an incident of violence or bullying hereby commits to speak up, and become an active witness in order to be part of the solution. Any incidence of violence or bullying, whatever the type – individually, through social media or on school transport – is simply unacceptable. We want every person in our school to treat others, and to be treated in turn, with civility, with the focus on equality and respect for differences.

Download: Anti-Bullying & Anti-Violence Action Plan

Download: Bullying Interventions Protocols