Please note that you no longer need to come to the school to pay school fees.

Additionally, please check your statement of account in the parent portal for updates. Credits owed to families from 2019-2020 have been processed to the student accounts. Bills for outstanding school property should be posted to the account by the end of July.

We are still in the act of scheduling the school around the government parameters for Covid-19 precautions. Billing for 2020-2021 may therefore be delayed.  Please monitor your account and emails for updated information.

Workbooks will be distributed in class the first week of school.

At the present time, the school remains closed to all but essential employees.


Payments can be made online except if you are with CIBC or RBC.  

Commission Scolaire Eastern Townships – SCHOOL ITEMS

Reference number:
20-digit number (starting with 836) at the bottom of your invoice/statement of account. This number identifies both the student and the payer. The number will be the same, as long as your child goes to the same school. Note that each child has a unique reference number and that each parent has his or her own payment I.D. You will need to create a supplier for each child.

Payment by MONEY ORDER payable to A.G.R.H.S. Please send it to the attention of Mrs. Christine Rousseau, Alexander Galt Regional High School PO Box 5002, 1700 College Street, Sherbrooke, Qc J1M 1Z9